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‘REIN’-ing in Red Tape to Help Create Jobs & Boost Economic Growth

July 27, 2015

Te House will vote on the REINS Act (H.R. 427), legislation introduced by Rep. Todd Young (R-IN) that gives Congress an up or down vote on any major new Obama administration regulation. Read More

Big Win: Report Confirms ‘Doc Fix’ Reform Saves Taxpayers $2.9 Trillion

July 27, 2015

This spring, when Congress passed the first real entitlement reform in nearly two decades, Speaker Boehner called it “a big win for the American people.” Now a new report confirms just how big a win it is for taxpayers and future generations Read More

Another Day. Another Common-Sense Law.

July 27, 2015

Another common sense bill is headed to the Oval Office. And much like the 114th Congress itself, this particular bill focuses on efficiency in government, specifically at the Department of Homeland Security. Read More

One Year Ago: Hillary Clinton Claims Her Reset with Russia ‘Worked’

July 25, 2015

"But hindsight has not favored Clinton." Read More

“A Crucifix and a Photo of the Pope”

July 24, 2015

This week, The New York Times highlighted Pope Francis’ upcoming address to a joint meeting of Congress.  Here are some excerpts from the story, which also discusses Speaker Boehner’s Catholic upbringing and his mission to have a Pope address the United States Congress: Read More