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April 17, 2014General

Whether it’s the pizza place, the dry cleaner, or even the shop around the corner, Republicans continue to listen to small businesses and work to get government out of their way. Growing our economy starts with growing Main Street.

April 17, 2014General

A team of senior House Members led by Speaker Boehner has completed two days of meetings in Ankara and Istanbul on some of the biggest challenges the U.S. and its allies face in the world.

April 16, 2014Video

Today in our country, there are more than four million job opportunities that are unfilled. A ‘skills gap’ is preventing our workers from getting the skills they need for the 21st century jobs they want. America isn’t working when our job training system hasn’t been updated since before the dot com bubble burst.

April 15, 2014Video

Speaker Boehner marked Tax Day by releasing a new “Stories from Ohio” video, in which he shares a letter from one of his constituents, Philip in Tipp City. Philip is retired now, and wrote to Boehner about an experience that many seniors are probably having at this time of year.

April 15, 2014General

A 19,000-square-foot canvas that has been making its way around the country picking up messages of support for the victims and survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing will make its final stop Sunday at Fenway Park. Amid that sea of more than 70,000 signatures are those of House and Senate lawmakers, who added their names last month as part of a Capitol visit organized by Speaker Boehner.