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Speaker Ryan Signs Two More Bipartisan Initiatives

May 03, 2016

Learn about two bipartisan legislation that Speaker Ryan signed last week. Read More

The president is still considering unilateral action to close Gitmo

May 03, 2016

Yesterday, President Obama admitted that he is still considering taking unilateral action to close our detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. The House has already made all legal preparations necessary should the administration seek to ignore the law. Read More

The Top Ten Photos from April

May 02, 2016

Perhaps these ten moments from last month are part of the reason why Speaker Ryan is enjoying the job more than he thought he would. Read More

The Labor Department's Job-Training Problem

April 29, 2016

Instead of prioritizing bipartisan reforms to help people find work, the Labor Department is rushing through controversial rules that will put people out of work. Read More

Not Your Typical Friday Roundup II

April 29, 2016

The last Friday of the month means you may be getting even more roundups than usual. But again, this isn’t that. This is the stuff we put out this week, but didn’t e-mail to you. Why? Well, sometimes it’s because something just speaks for itself. Read More