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Photos: Netanyahu’s Address

March 03, 2015

In America’s 220+ year history, there have only been 115 joint meeting addresses delivered by foreign leaders.  Today, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel joined Winston Churchill as the only other leader to address the U.S. Congress on three different occasions.  Read More

Even More Reasons to Expand College Savings

March 03, 2015

New figures show that 529 accounts continue to grow. All the more reason to protect and expand - not tax - college savings for middle-class families. Read More

A Speech The American People Needed To Hear

March 03, 2015

Let me take this moment to personally thank Benjamin Netanyahu. With his presence here, he demonstrated that politics can never come before our commitment to do what’s right for our future. And he again revealed himself to be a leader of principle and deep conviction. It all speaks not only to the kind of leader he is, but to the bonds between America and Israel – bonds that will, with work and sacrifice, long outlast us. Read More

An Off-Ramp From ObamaCare

March 03, 2015

So here’s the bottom line: Under ObamaCare, government controls your choices. Under our proposal, you will. You’ll get to pick a plan that works for you. We look forward to building upon these ideas and working with our colleagues in the House and Senate, health-care experts and, most important, the American people, to put high-quality, affordable coverage within closer reach for all. And we’ll do it by putting Americans, not Washington, in the driver’s seat. Read More

Previewing Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Address

March 02, 2015

“America’s bond with Israel is stronger than the politics of the moment,” Speaker Boehner says in a new video previewing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress, which gets underway today at 11 am ET. Read More