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Speaker Ryan Signs Several Bipartisan Initiatives

December 03, 2016

Yesterday, before I headed home to WI, I signed a bunch of really good bills that are all now headed to the president's desk to become law. Read More

Ryan Celebrates Restoration of Capitol Dome

December 02, 2016

Speaker Ryan thanks the architect of the Capitol and his staff for completing the first renovation of the Capitol dome in over 50 years. Read More

Speaker Ryan Signs Iran Sanctions Extension Act

December 02, 2016

“I am pleased that despite initial hesitation, the White House has heeded our call and indicated that it will sign this bipartisan legislation." Read More

The largest pay raise for our troops in six years

December 02, 2016

"I’m particularly proud that this NDAA includes the largest pay raise our troops have seen in six years—and it’s well-deserved." Read More

SUNDAY: Speaker Ryan to Appear on 60 Minutes

December 02, 2016

Speaker Ryan sits down with Scott Pelley to discuss the new unified Republican government. Read More