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Statement on North Korea Missile Test

February 07, 2016

This type of provocative behavior is exactly why the House just passed additional sanctions to further isolate Kim's regime. Read More

This Obama tax would cost you:

February 07, 2016

The good news is this tax is dead on arrival in the people’s House. Read More

100 Photos in 100 Seconds

February 06, 2016

Today marks the 100th day since Paul D. Ryan became Speaker of the House. In that short time,  the House has already taken significant steps to get back on the road to regular order and address the people's priorities. But as Speaker Ryan says, "we need to do more." That's why House Republicans are building a bold agenda for the future.  Read More

Weekly Republican Address: Enforcing Visa Waiver Laws to Keep Americans Safe

February 05, 2016

“I am a former federal prosecutor, and I can tell you a law is only as good as how you enforce it. This is not a time to start lowering our guard. And we should not put Iran’s feelings before America’s security interests.” Read More

They Lost Syria

February 05, 2016

Over the past several years, the Obama administration has presided over, and in some cases contributed to, the deterioration of the Middle East. Read More