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Reforming the Flawed DOD Acquisitions System

March 31, 2015

Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-TX) outlined a framework for defense acquisition reform focused on ensuring our military has the agility and the technological edge it needs to respond to the evolving security threats we face. Read More

Boehner: President’s Ambush Elections Veto an Assault on Worker Rights

March 31, 2015

The NLRB’s ambush election rule is an assault on the rights and privacy protections of American workers. Read More

ISIL & Iranian Influence Are Focus of Boehner Delegation Visit to Iraq

March 31, 2015

A stable, democratic, and independent Iraq remains vital to America’s national security interests. Read More

The White House’s Dangerous Game of False Choices

March 30, 2015

America needs to have a serious debate about the grave threats posed by Iran and Islamic extremism, but the White House continues to play a dangerous game of false choices.  Appearing yesterday on CNN’s State of the Union, Speaker Boehner talked about the Obama administration’s attacks on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s recent address to Congress and growing bipartisan concerns with the administration’s approach in the Middle East: Read More

In Jordan, Boehner Delegation Discussions Focus on Iranian-Backed Violence, Growing Terrorist Threat

March 30, 2015

America’s ability to lead in the world depends on Jordan’s ability to remain a stabilizing force in the Middle East, and we could not ask for a more solid partner. Read More