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Businesses are right to be wary about Iran

June 29, 2016

"Where does President Obama’s nuclear agreement state that Secretary Kerry must serve as Iran’s chief salesman?" Read More

It’s time to rethink our foster care system.

June 29, 2016

Every year, an estimated 265,000 children are removed from their homes by welfare officials, thrown into a foster care system that often isn’t prepared to welcome them. Every one of those 265,000 children represents a family torn apart: parents who won’t raise them; siblings who won’t grow up together. Read More

Senate Democrats Block Funding for Veterans & Zika Response

June 28, 2016

"This is ridiculous. Senate Democrats, after demanding Zika funding for months and supporting this exact funding level for weeks, now block it to create a political issue." Read More

Speaker Ryan on the Benghazi Committee's Report

June 28, 2016

WASHINGTON—House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) today released a video announcing the publication of the final report from the Select Committee on Benghazi. Read More

Speaker Ryan Calls for Free Trade Agreement with UK after Brexit

June 27, 2016

The speaker is calling on the United States, in parallel with its negotiations with Europe, to pursue a free trade agreement with the UK, once it has formally separated from the EU. Read More