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The White House’s Dangerous Game of False Choices

March 30, 2015

America needs to have a serious debate about the grave threats posed by Iran and Islamic extremism, but the White House continues to play a dangerous game of false choices.  Appearing yesterday on CNN’s State of the Union, Speaker Boehner talked about the Obama administration’s attacks on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s recent address to Congress and growing bipartisan concerns with the administration’s approach in the Middle East: Read More

In Jordan, Boehner Delegation Discussions Focus on Iranian-Backed Violence, Growing Terrorist Threat

March 30, 2015

America’s ability to lead in the world depends on Jordan’s ability to remain a stabilizing force in the Middle East, and we could not ask for a more solid partner. Read More

On CNN, Boehner Talks Medicare, U.S.-Israel Relationship, Iran Nuclear Talks, & More

March 29, 2015

The agreement that we came to, it’ll strengthen Medicare, make it easier for patients to find doctors, and a fairer way of paying doctors for the services that they render Read More

Weekly Address: First Major Entitlement Reform in Decades

March 28, 2015

The House-passed legislation would replace Medicare’s Sustainable Growth Rate formula, meaning in Roe’s words, ‘a more stable Medicare program.’ Read More

Speaker Boehner & Senior Lawmakers Visit UK to Discuss Economic & Security Ties

March 28, 2015

Participants had a fruitful discussion on the state of the British economy, our shared efforts to defeat ISIL, and the importance of Western leadership in the world Read More