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Senate Democrats’ Shutdown Caucus Strategizes at the White House

July 07, 2015

If the president actually wants our troops to get paid, he should stop calling strategy meetings of his shutdown caucus. Read More

House Backs Stronger Security Ties With Jordan to Counter ISIL

July 07, 2015

Jordan is a stabilizing force in the Middle East, and making sure it can take the fight to ISIL is vital to America’s national security interests. Read More

21st Century Cures: Cutting Red Tape, Increasing Accountability, & Protecting American Jobs

July 07, 2015

The bill not only paves the way for a new era of medical innovation, it does so by drawing on several conservative reforms that are good for taxpayers, and good for our economy. Read More

President Obama Says Our Troops “Are Going to Get Paid” – But How?

July 06, 2015

How can the president say our troops will get paid when he’s threatening to veto the bills that pay them? Read More

This Doesn't Happen Anywhere Else in Government

July 06, 2015

Flashback to January of 2011. John Boehner is newly elected as Speaker of the Republican-led House of Representatives, and the first week on the job, the House slashes $35 million from its own budget...with the promise of much more to come. Now fast forward to present day, and those taxpayer savings have grown to more than $782 million. All told, that's a 14% reduction in the cost of Congress. Read More