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This Week In Ongoing VA Incompetence

August 27, 2015

President Obama still has no long-term plan to fix the VA, which means our veterans continue to pay the price for its incompetence. This week, for example, the VA is patting itself on the back for reducing its claims backlog below 100,000 – calling it a “historic milestone” that 98,535 veterans are still waiting for care.  Read More

The Dangerous Ramifications of Allowing Iran to Self-Inspect

August 26, 2015

National security experts and outside observers agree it is beyond absurd to allow the Iranians to self-inspect a key military site. The American people want to know any nuclear agreement with Iran will keep our country safe. Read More

A Back to School Quiz (It’s Short, Don’t Worry)

August 25, 2015

It’s too early for tests, but this one is short, has chances for extra credit, and it’s an easy way to learn more about what we’re doing to help every student get a great education. Read More

“This is beyond absurd”

August 22, 2015

“The Obama administration has a lot of explaining to do,” Speaker Boehner said this week in response to an Associated Press report that a secret side deal in the president’s proposed nuclear agreement with Iran will allow the Iranians to self-inspect a key military site. Read More

You Have 126 Days…

August 21, 2015

…To complete your holiday shopping. That’s right, just 126 days until Christmas. Read More