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Speaker Ryan: ‘To Have Inclusive Ideas, We Need an Inclusive Approach’

February 04, 2016

“To have inclusive ideas, we need an inclusive approach. So today, we are establishing six committee-led task forces that will take the lead in developing this agenda here in the House." Read More

Speaker Ryan on Fox News’s On the Record: ‘Let’s Unify’

February 04, 2016

“All of us . . . who are constellations of the conservative movement . . . let’s unite. Let’s unify. Let’s take our principles that we all believe in—freedom, liberty, self-determination, Constitution, government by consent, self-determination—take these principles, apply them to the problems of the day, and offer solutions. Unify around a bold agenda. A bold, conservative agenda—which we are going to be working on here [as] House Republicans—and offer it to the country and run on it. That’s what we’re doing here in the Congress.” Read More

This Fight Won't End Here

February 02, 2016

This morning at a press conference with other House Republican leaders, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) discussed today’s vote to override the president’s veto of legislation recently passed by Congress to repeal Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood. Below are his opening remarks: Read More

Watch Live: Snowfall from the Speaker's Balcony

January 22, 2016

Here's something from Washington, DC, that won't make you want to throw your phone across the room. No speeches. No politicians. No media pundits. It's just a pure, uninterrupted livestream of the snow falling on the National Mall, as seen from the Speaker's office in the U.S. Capitol.  Give your Netflix a break and check out the snowfall for a few minutes. Or a few hours.  It'll be here all weekend long. Read More

Speaker Ryan Commemorates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 18, 2016

"Today, the people’s House joins with Americans across the country in honoring the great Martin Luther King, Jr." Read More