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The Choice

May 25, 2016

America can do better. This anxiety has got to be channeled and dealt with with solutions instead of just amplified and accelerated and exacerbated. We owe you that choice. Read More

Seize This Moment

May 11, 2016

Only 'We the People' can build a confident America, if we seize this moment. Read More

A Special Bond with Mom

May 08, 2016

My dad died when I was 16. It was very sudden. For me, it was the end of childhood. But for my mom, she had to start over. What happened next is the story that ties us together. Because a mother’s bond is like no other. "My mom is my hero. My mom and I are very close because we bonded quite a bit after my dad died. You know, we had to sort of pull ourselves up and work it out. So my mom and I are very close. Read More

Sneak Peek of Millennial Town Hall at Georgetown University

April 26, 2016

Tomorrow, Speaker Ryan will visit Georgetown University for a town hall with millennials. And if you just can't wait until tomorrow, here's a sneak peek of what to expect: Read More

America Can Do Better

April 25, 2016

America can do better. About seven out of ten Americans agree—we're headed in the wrong direction. That's why House Republicans are focused on actually fixing the problems facing us, not just bemoaning how bad things are. Read More