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Boehner: "Defeat in Iraq is Unacceptable"

January 29, 2007

At a press conference this morning, House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) discussed supporting General Petraeus as he implements the President’s new strategy for success in Iraq, Democrats’ criticism of the President’s new strategy, and House Republicans’ two-part strategy to help the President’s new strategy succeed.ON SUPPORTING GENERAL PETRAEUS Read More

House Democrats' Giant Spending Bill Includes Hidden Earmarks

January 29, 2007

Yesterday House Republicans asked what is buried in the Democrats’ massive spending bill that caused them to keep it hidden from public scrutiny until the last possible moment. Now we know the answer: contrary to Democratic leaders’ claims, the bill contains hidden earmarks that Democrats apparently hoped to ram through the House without debate. Read More

What's Buried in the Democrat "Cromnibus?"

January 29, 2007

The business before the House of Representatives this week includes consideration of the Democrats’ continuing resolution, or CR, on Wednesday.  While the details of this Omnibus spending bill – or CROMNIBUS, to coin a hybrid phrase for cramming roughly half the entire federal discretionary budget and assorted policy changes into one vehicle – have not been made public, a few of its figures have been leaked. Read More

Pro-Growth Republican Policies Help Shrink Budget Deficit | Balancing the Budget Doesn’t Require Raising Taxes

January 29, 2007

Balancing the budget is more than a matter of dollars and cents – it is about enacting smart policies that expand opportunities for American families and grow our economy. Read More

What is the Democrat Strategy for Success in Iraq? | GOP Leaders Have Offered a Responsible Plan to Help the President's New Iraq Strategy Succeed

January 29, 2007

In Senate hearings last week Gen. David Petraeus testified that reinforcing U.S. troops in Iraq is necessary for the President’s new strategy to succeed. The Democrat-controlled chamber then went on to endorse his selection as the new commander of American armed forces in Iraq without a single dissenting Democrat vote despite oft-repeated opposition to the President’s new strategy. Read More