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‘Real Problems People Care About’: Speaker Ryan’s Remarks from Leadership Presser

July 25, 2017

Today, Speaker Ryan discussed some of the ways the House is addressing problems faced by Americans in their everyday lives, like the GI Bill expansion, a pay raise for our troops, and strengthening border security. Read More

We won’t stop repealing bad regulations.

July 25, 2017

We have talked a lot about Obama’s regulatory tailspin that his administration rushed through at the 11th hour. Congress used the Congressional Review Act to successfully repeal fourteen harmful regulations that made it difficult for small businesses to thrive and tough for people to find jobs. Read More

Democrats Play Politics with our National Security

July 24, 2017

Today, as Democrats roll out their “fresh vision” for the country, they are politicizing our national security once again. Read More

The GI Bill Gets a 'Forever' Update

July 24, 2017

Today the people's House is taking action on the biggest GI bill expansion in a decade. Read More

Ryan: Don't Fall for the Tax Reform Cynics

July 24, 2017

This past week, Speaker Ryan traveled to Lawrence, Massachusetts to meet employees at a New Balance factory—one of the business’s five facilities in New England. Read More