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‘We Must Enforce Our Laws’: Speaker Ryan’s Remarks at Leadership Press Conference

June 27, 2017

Summary: This morning at a press conference with Republican leaders, Speaker Ryan discussed legislation the House is working on to better enforce our laws and keep the American public safe. Opening Statement: Read More

Statement on Meeting with Ambassador Nikki Haley

June 26, 2017

"Together with President Trump, we will restore America as a leading force for good.” Read More

Statement on Trinity Lutheran v. Comer

June 26, 2017

Our religious institutions must be able to contribute to education and the public good—that is part of their core mission. The government denying them that ability is discrimination, plain and simple. Read More

Anti-Roundup: Grace Notes For The Week

June 23, 2017

So this is an anti-roundup. It is a compilation of things we did not get to e-mail out to you. All in all, the team tells me we took more than 1,600 photos this week. We do this not just to capture the business of the House, but also all the moments in between. Here is a bit of both: Read More

TODAY: Bipartisan VA Reform to Become Law

June 23, 2017

Great news for our veterans and their families. Read More