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The Best Photos From May

June 01, 2017

What you see on the front pages of newspapers or hear on the nightly news is not always the full story. A lot of what goes on inside the Capitol is actually politics-free. In fact, here are seven, behind-the-scenes photos that show a few small, but important, moments from the Speaker’s perspective. 1.   Answering Questions – Speaker Ryan calls into a local Wisconsin radio station for a live interview. Read More

Programs That Demand Results

May 31, 2017

So you probably didn't see this on the front pages, but last week the House acted on reforms to not only improve our welfare and criminal justice systems, but ensure your taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. Read More

Statement on Attack in Kabul, Afghanistan

May 31, 2017

"I strongly condemn this attack in the Afghan capital of Kabul." Read More

Remarks at the 151st Memorial Day Parade in Rochester, WI

May 29, 2017

Speaker Ryan takes part in a commemoration ceremony at the 151st Memorial Day Parade in Rochester, WI. Read More

Speaker Ryan Talks about Bipartisan Bills to Tackle Child Abuse, VA Backlog

May 26, 2017

Yesterday, Speaker Ryan addressed the new HHS report at his weekly press conference—but that wasn’t all. He also discussed two bipartisan efforts that were on the House floor this week: bills to combat child abuse and reform the VA’s broken appeals backlog. Read More