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Listening To Each Other?

February 24, 2010

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “If We’re Listening To Each Other … We Might Be Able To Make Some Progress.” “And it strikes me that if we've got an open mind, if we're listening to each other, if we're not engaging sort of the tit for tat and trying to score political points during the next several hours, that we might be able to make some progress.” (President Obama, Health Care Summit, 2/25/10)DEMOCRATS: 108 MINUTESREPUBLICANS: 56 MINUTESTHE FIRST SESSION Read More

What They Are Saying About The Morning's Summit Session

February 24, 2010

CNN’s WOLF BLITZER: “It looks like the Republicans certainly showed up ready to play.” (CNN’s “Live,” 2/25/10)CNN’s GLORIA BORGER: “The Republicans have been very effective today. They really did come to play. They were very smart.” (CNN’s “Live,” 2/25/10) Read More


February 24, 2010

VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: "Unless We Bend That Cost Curve, We're In Trouble." (Vice President Joe Biden, Health Care Summit, 2/25/10)CMS On Senate Bill: “This Bill Would Increase [Health Expenditures] By An Estimated Total Of $222 Billion” Read More

Fact Check: Deficit Reduction

February 24, 2010

REP. XAVIER BECCERA (D-CA): “The Congressional Budget Office, The Referee, Not Political Parties, The Referee, Said That These Bills Reduce The Deficit In The Succeeding Years After The First Ten Years By Over A Trillion Dollars.” (Rep. Becerra, Health Care Summit, 2/25/10) Read More

"What The American People Think"

February 24, 2010

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: “I am always reluctant after being here 37 years to tell people what the American people think. I think it requires a little bit of humility to be able to know what the American people think. And I don’t.” (Vice President Biden, Health Care Summit, 2/25/10)WHAT BIDEN SHOULD KNOW: THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OPPOSE OBAMA’S HEALTH CARE PLAN Read More