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June 04, 2008

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Boehner Speech to AIPAC Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Jewish State of Israel

June 03, 2008

“I’m very glad to be here today.  I understand this is the largest policy conference in AIPAC’s long history.  I have worked with you all since I was elected in 1990, and I am especially pleased to be here with you today. Read More

As Families Face Soaring Gas Prices, House Dems Set to Approve Largest Tax Hike in History

June 03, 2008

As early as tomorrow, House Democrats will bring to the floor their FY 2009 budget conference report that includes the single largest tax hike in American history.  And why have Democrats included this massive tax hike in the budget?  To pay for an onslaught of new and wasteful Washington spending.  In fact, at the same time that family budgets at home are tighter than ever, this budget tops the $1 trillion mark – that’s trillion with a “t” – in discretionary spending for the first time in histo Read More

GOP Proposal Would Help Schools Struggling With Rising Energy Costs

June 03, 2008

American families and small businesses aren’t alone in struggling with soaring energy costs.  Schools across the country are feeling the pain as well.  And what has the Democratic Congress offered them to help cope with the rising costs?  The same thing Congress has offered families and small businesses: nothing at all.  Instead of scheduling a vote on legislation to help lower gasoline, heating, electricity, and other energy costs on behalf of families, businesses, and schools, House Democrats today are bringing Read More

As Senate Debates Bill to Raise Gas Prices, Boehner Challenges Pelosi to Fulfill Her Pledge to Schedule Even More Costly House Democratic “Cap and Tax” Bill

June 03, 2008

As the United States Senate continues to debate climate change legislation that triggers costly energy tax increases and new Washington mandates, House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today challenged Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to schedule for floor consideration an even more far-reaching and more costly global warming bill authored by Select Committee on Energy Independence Chairman Ed Markey (D-MA), as she has promised since the beginning of the 110th Congress. While Boehner is staunchly opposed to the Markey legislation, which would raise ga Read More