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Rep. John Campbell (R-CA): "Plan Will Save Free Market, Not Destroy It"

October 02, 2008

As the House prepares to vote on economic rescue legislation, Rep. John Campbell (R-CA) penned an op-ed entitled “Plan Will Save Free Market, Not Destroy It” in today’s Investor’s Business Daily.  Following is the full op-ed below: Plan Will Save Free Market, Not Destroy ItInvestor's Business DailyBy REP. Read More

Rescue Package Includes $110 Billion in Tax Relief for America's Struggling Economy

October 02, 2008

When the House considers the economic rescue legislation later today, House Members will also be voting on a $110 billion tax cut package supported by Members on both sides of the aisle.  In recent days, some have characterized certain provisions in the tax relief legislation as “pork.”  But even though some Members may have policy disagreements over specific tax provisions in the package, House Ways & Means Ranking Member Jim McCrery (R-LA) noted in a “Dear Colleague” letter sent this morning that all of the tax relief elements of the bill are, in fact, t Read More

A Main Street Rescue: Senate-Passed Bipartisan Economic Rescue Plan Adds New Relief for Main Street, Ensures Maximum Protections for Taxpayers

October 01, 2008

From the House Republican Conference:OUR PRINCIPLE: Our economy faces historic and unprecedented challenges. Congress must take swift, decisive and bipartisan action to restore immediate confidence to the markets and set our economy back on the right track. Republicans share the American people’s anger that we are now forced to confront this situation. Yet inaction is not an option. The danger our economy faces runs right through Main Street. Read More

With Drilling Bans Lifted, House GOP Leaders Ask Interior Department to Identify Potential Roadblocks to Fast Action

October 01, 2008

With the federal government’s misguided ban on offshore and oil shale energy production now lifted, House Republican leaders today sent a letter to Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne asking that the Interior Department identify any actions that need to be taken by Congress to ensure the newly-liberated sources of domestic energy are put to use as quickly as possible for energy-strapped American families.  The House GOP leaders’ letter contrasts sharply with recent statements made by the Democratic leaders w Read More

Boehner Praises House Panel for Adopting New Website Rules, Rejecting Proposed Internet Restrictions

October 01, 2008

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today praised members of the Committee on House Administration after the panel adopted a Republican-backed proposal that will expand the use of websites such as YouTube and Twitter by Members of Congress.  The Committee rejected an alternate proposal that would have prohibited legislators and their constituents from communicating with each other via websites that do not appear on a list of “approved” sites created by a government panel.  Boehner issued the following statement:  Read More