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House Republicans Dominate House Floor Debate, Highlight Plan to Lower Gas Prices for American Working Families

June 05, 2008

This week House Democrats failed to schedule a single bill to address skyrocketing energy costs, but House Republicans nonetheless dominated debate on the House floor, highlighting the Democrats’ chronic negligence on energy and promoting the GOP plan to help lower gasoline prices for American families and small businesses.  In addition to highlighting the GOP energy plan during floor debate on unrelated legislation this week, a wave of House Republican members – rallied by House GOP Conference Vice Chair Kay Granger (R-TX) and other GOP leaders – gave “one-minute& Read More

Republicans on the Radio: Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) Discusses GOP Plan for Lower Gas Prices, Energy Independence

June 05, 2008

As House Democrats stand idly by and watch gasoline prices soar, Republicans continue to promote comprehensive energy reforms that will boost supplies of American-made energy and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  Rep. Read More

Fox News Report Highlights House Republicans' Efforts to Help Lower Gasoline Prices

June 04, 2008

The heat on congressional Democrats is rising almost as quickly as gas prices are these days.  With the price at the pump poised to rise to $4 per gallon any day now, House Republicans have not only exposed the Democratic Majority’s inexcusable decision to not do anything about it, but they’ve also introduced a comprehensive plan to help lower gas prices and move America closer to energy independence.  And all across the country, the American people are taking note. As Re Read More

Failing Economics 101: Democrats Oppose More American Energy Supply, Support Higher Gasoline Prices

June 04, 2008

Americans understand that we need a comprehensive energy policy that increases all forms of American energy, enhances conservation, and invests in future fuels.  And with the price of a gallon of gasoline now $3.99 – according to AAA – they understand it even more every day. It’s no secret that the United States needs more energy supply – not less – to help meet demand, reduce our dependence on foreign sources of ener Read More

Pelosi Premium Not Only Drives Up Your Fuel Costs, It Can Cost You Your Job Too

June 04, 2008

It’s official: Gas prices are within a single cent of reaching $4 per gallon.  AAA reports today that gas prices have reached a new record: $3.99 per gallon.  That’s $1.66 higher than families and small businesses were paying on January 4, 2007, Rep. Read More