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Boehner Statement on White House Breaking Promise on Health Care and the Deficit

July 20, 2009

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today issued the following statement on White House Budget Director Peter Orszag’s assertion that the House Democrats’ government takeover of health care – which the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has determined adds $239 billion to the federal budget deficit – fully “paid for”:  Read More

Fact Check: President Repeats Fictional Claims on Health Care in Rose Garden Speech Today

July 20, 2009

In a Rose Garden speech today, President Obama continued to repeat claims that simply do not reflect reality on Capitol Hill.  The proposal he described may sound appealing, but it simply does not exist.  What does exist are Democratic health care bills that will increase Americans’ health care costs, impose a new tax on small businesses, and force millions of Americans out of their current health care plans.  Republicans have offer Read More

Dems Continue to Face Backlash on National Energy Tax, Fear the Same Repercussions on Health Care

July 20, 2009

House Democrats continue to face blistering attacks back home for voting to support Speaker Pelosi’s national energy tax that will punish their constituents by increasing electricity bills, raising gasoline prices, and shipping more American jobs overseas to places like China and India.  And now, as Roll Call notes this morning, they fear a similar backlash on health care: Read More

Backroom Deals in National Energy Tax Highlight Need for 72-Hour Review Period Before Voting on Government Takeover of Health Care

July 20, 2009

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) has called on the Congress to adopt a mandatory 72-hour public review period for all major spending bills.  The idea is simple: give the American people and their elected representatives the opportunity to actually see what is being voted on.  If Leader Boehner's proposal had been in place at the start of this Congress, it's doubtful Congress would have voted to send $1 million to Rep. Read More

Dems vs. Dems on Health Care: Government Takeover Draws Heat from Blue Dogs, Democratic Governors

July 19, 2009

Coming off the Congressional Budget Office’s announcement that the Democrats’ government takeover of health care will drive up costs and add hundreds of billions to the deficit, President Obama and his allies are scrambling to try and build support for the expensive plan.  In fact, Washington Democrats are so desperate to take attention off of a government takeover’s costs to consumers and all taxpayers, the President is planning a television blitz Read More