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Boehner Backs Governors’ Call to Attend White House Health Care “Summit”

February 18, 2010

            House Republican Leader John Boehner today strongly supported Republican governors’ call for the nation’s governors to be included in the upcoming health care “summit” at Blair House.  Read More

Summititis: How the Obama White House Copes With An Unpopular, Job-Killing Agenda

February 18, 2010

Despite the White House reportedly “revamping” its communications strategy, next week’s health care summit marks a return to the same dead-end gabfests of President Obama’s first year.  This White House held a ‘fiscal responsibility summit’ a week after signing a Read More

Americans Aren’t Buying Dems’ Message on Trillion-Dollar “Stimulus”

February 18, 2010

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of the Democrats' "stimulus" being signed into law - and what a year it's been.  Sold as the cure to our economic malaise, Democrats promised their trillion-dollar "stimulus" would keep unemployment below 8 percent and would produce job growth "immediately" - 90 percent of which would be in the private sector.  But one year later, more than three million Americans have lost jobs, unemployment is near 10 percent, and the deficit will hit a record $ Read More

Summit Of All Fears: Dems Desperate to Salvage Gov't Takeover of Health Care

February 17, 2010

We’re one week away from the ‘bipartisan’ White House health care summit, and Washington Democrats are scrambling to salvage their massive – and quite partisan – government takeover of health care.  Americans want us to scrap this massive bill and start over on common sense reforms that will lower health care costs for familie Read More

Thank You, Madam Speaker, for Reminding America that GOP Fought Trillion-Dollar ‘Stimulus’

February 17, 2010

The second year of Democrats’ trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ is shaping up a lot like the first, with reports of wasteful Washington spending, indications that our economy is sputtering, and of course, “Democrats tired of being on the defensive.”  Well, the American people are tired of asking ‘where are the jobs’ when all they are getting from Washi Read More