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Boehner Condemns Use of Proven Falsehood in House Democrats’ Iraq Talking Points

April 07, 2008

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today condemned the use of a blatant falsehood in talking points issued by the House Democratic Caucus, chaired by Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL).  The talking points – distributed to Democratic Members in advance of Gen. Read More

Boehner Set to Introduce Colombia Free Trade Agreement, Urges Swift House Action

April 07, 2008

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today issued the following statement on the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, which he is set to introduce now that President Bush has  sent the trade agreement to Congress:  Read More

On General Petraeus’ Testimony and Continued Progress in Iraq

April 07, 2008

Today in a Townhall.com Op-ed, Leader Boehner previews the upcoming testimony by General David Petraeus: As a result of these indisputable steps forward, more than 20,000 of our troops are coming home. But more importantly, they are returning home after success – not defeat. Read More

When Will Democrats Reveal Their Secret Plan to Lower Gas Prices?

April 06, 2008

With middle class families struggling with the rising cost of living, Congressional Democrats promised the American people a “common sense” plan to lower gasoline prices more than a year ago.  But their record shows that they’ve done nothing lower prices at the pump.  In fact, gasoline prices have gotten worse – much worse – rising more than $1 per gallon since Democrats took control of the House.    Read More

Fact Check: Key Democrat Ignores Faces on Iraqi Progress in Meeting Benchmarks

April 06, 2008

Many Democratic leaders still refuse to recognize the Iraqis’ progress in improving security or political reconciliation, even as more and more rank-and-file Democrats say the opposite.  In fact, many of the Majority’s claims have been discredited as our troops and the Iraqis continue to make positive strides.  For example:  Read More