The “Path Forward” on Trade Agreements is for White House to Submit Them |

The Obama Administration tried to shift the blame (again) for its failure to submit job-creating trade agreements to Congress for ratification. A White House spokesman told ABC News they “have yet to hear specifics on what the ‘path forward’ consists of…” Well, here’s a “path forward”: send Congress the trade agreements and the Republican-led House will pass them without delay.

In April, Speaker Boehner said “it’s important for the administration to work with Congress to implement all three pending trade agreements – Colombia, Panama, and South Korea – in tandem with one another as soon as possible.” To do that, the White House has to actually submit them to Congress:

  • “President Obama says he wants to get the U.S. economy growing, so here’s a tip that may help: In order for Congress to ratify free-trade agreements, the White House must first send the signed deals to the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.” (The Biggest Trade Barrier, Wall Street Journal, 8/20/11)

Opening new markets for American-made goods is part of the Republican plan for jobs (Jobs.GOP.Gov). Speaker Boehner says doing so will “level the playing field for American workers, farmers, and businesses and pave the way for creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs here at home.”

It’s unacceptable to delay action on job-creating trade agreements (or push for higher taxes and more failed “stimulus” spending, for that matter) when millions of Americans are out of work and the unemployment rate is 9.1 percent. The “path forward” is for the White House to submit all three trade agreements to Congress without delay.