President Obama’s decision to reject and personally lobby against the popular Keystone XL pipeline – and tens of thousands of new American jobs – is already having real world consequences for the American people … and real world benefits for countries like China.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Canadian leaders are acting quickly to “bypass” the United States, building the infrastructure needed to ship their energy (and new jobs) to Asian countries:

“Currently, almost all Canadian crude exports travel to the U.S. … Canadian government officials, meanwhile, have boosted support for westward-flowing pipelines in order to diversify toward Asian markets. That effort accelerated after the White House earlier this year rejected a big pipeline-expansion project, TransCanada Corp.'s TRP -0.86% Keystone XL, which would have sent more Alberta crude south of the border.”

In other words, energy and jobs that would have benefited American families and small businesses will now be shipped overseas – courtesy the Obama administration.

While Canadian leaders are removing barriers to their country’s economy growth, our president and his administration are busy erecting new ones. All week long, President Obama has wasted time pushing a “farce” of a tax hike that would “discourage investment — and the jobs and growth that come with it.”

Gas prices have already doubled on President Obama’s watch, and the president’s policies are making it harder for small businesses to hire new workers. Thankfully, the state of Nebraska is taking action (without the Obama administration) to make the Keystone pipeline a reality. And in the coming weeks, the House will vote again to insist on swift approval of Keystone XL.

The Keystone project is an important part of the Republican American Energy Initiative, which is focused on expanding American energy production, stopping policies that drive up gas prices, and helping create new American jobs. Learn more on and