Another Day, Another Doomed ObamaCare PR Blitz Paid For By You, The Taxpayer |

A multipronged assault led by Republicans” to repeal the job-crushing health care law has the Democrats who run Washington scrambling to try and repackage ObamaCare for its first anniversary.

White House Seeks to Boost Public Support for Health Bill,” reads the headline in today’s Wall Street Journal*NOTE: Please do not confuse that headline with this one from January (“Democrats Seek Right Message to Boost Health Care Law,”), this one from June of last year (“White House Mounts PR Blitz for Health Care Reform,”) or this one from August … of 2009 (“White House Rethinks How It Sells Health Overhaul.”)*

Sure enough, much like its predecessors, this re-packaging is off to a rocky start:

  • According to a new national survey out today, barely one in four Americans think their families will be better off under ObamaCare – a record low.  The survey also shows the share of Americans who say that both the cost and the quality of their health care will get worse under ObamaCare has reached new highs.

  • Much like when the Obama Administration’s top economist admitted in October 2009 that the ill-fated ‘stimulus’ had run its course, lawmakers admit many of the most “consumer-oriented changes” in the health care law have already kicked in.  As a result, Administration officials will “fan out across the country” to try and sell things they admit have failed to win over the American people.

  • “To help counter Republican criticism,” the Obama Administration is trying to signal “more flexibility” for states, yet the Health & Human Services Secretary “is showing no signs she will bend the rules when it comes to states’ biggest concerns.”  Of course, more than 1,000 exceptions have been made for employers and unions, but who’s counting?

  • Several House Democratic leaders didn’t even show up for a press conference yesterday marking the anniversary.  (Perhaps they were off fretting over “losing the messaging battle over spending,” too.)

Whether it’s the spending binge in Washington or ObamaCare, Democrats’ core problem here isn’t bad messaging: it’s continuing to support bad policies that ignore the will of the people and make it harder to them to find and create jobs.

Instead of spending taxpayer dollars trying to resell ObamaCare, why not save money (and jobs) by repealing the law and replacing it with common-sense reforms that lower costs and protect jobs?
  Since January, the new House majority has voted to fully repeal the $2.6 trillion health care law; to defund the law as part of H.R. 1; and to repeal the job-destroying 1099 small business mandate.  This week, Speaker Boehner announced the House will soon vote to eliminate mandatory spending slush funds in ObamaCare.  What’s more, a majority of states are challenging the law in court.  

While Democrats are still trying to hit the reset button on ObamaCare, Republicans are looking forward and setting the table for an honest dialogue about the need for action on the job-crushing spending binge in Washington.  That dialogue will include the need to address the explosive growth of autopilot entitlement spending – which ObamaCare has only exacerbated.