Bloomberg Poll: Americans Say Cut Spending to Help Create Jobs, Keep Government Open |

New polling from Bloomberg continues to show public support for the Republican strategy of cutting spending to help create jobs, while keeping the government open. Job creation remains the nation’s top priority, and Americans recognize that to help end uncertainty for businesses and help them begin hiring again, we must cut spending:

  • “The results indicate the public embraces the Republican argument that spending cuts will improve the economy and create jobs and doesn’t agree with Obama’s plan to invest in such areas as infrastructure to jumpstart a recovery. Fifty-three percent say the drive to cut spending and taxes would improve the economy” (Bloomberg, 3/9/11, story/poll)

Just as a recent Gallup poll found that Americans want Congress to “slash spending but avoid shutdown,” Bloomberg too finds that people want Washington to follow the path laid out by Republicans and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), who has repeatedly said, “Our goal here is to reduce spending.  It isn't to shut down the government:”

  • “77 percent say while cuts need to be made, an accord should be reached to avert a shutdown, compared with 20 percent who say a shutdown would be tolerable.” (Bloomberg, 3/9/11)

These findings are underscored by new a poll from Resurgent Republic that delivered a simple message: cut spending now. While Democrats are hyping the idea of a government shutdown, Republicans are honoring their Pledge to America by focusing on the priorities of the people: creating jobs and reducing spending.