Boehner: “Cut, Cap, & Balance” Will Help Stop the Spending Binge That’s Hurting Job Growth |

Speaker Boehner released a video highlighting today’s vote on “Cut, Cap, and Balance,” common-sense legislation that makes the kind of tough choices the White House hasn’t been willing to make to stop the spending binge that’s hurting job growth:

President Obama is talking tough about spending cuts but his actions don’t match his words. Boehner says today’s vote – and President Obama’s unfortunate veto threat – shows the White House isn’t serious about cutting spending and spurring economic growth to help create new jobs:

BOEHNER: “This week, the House will pass a plan that addresses our debt and spending while taking action on the debt ceiling.  And while the House once again acts responsibly, the administration still won’t present a plan or even say what cuts it’s willing to make to end Washington’s spending binge and the economic uncertainty that it’s creating. This unfortunate veto threat should make clear that the issue is not congressional inaction, but rather the President's unwillingness to cut spending and restrain the future growth of our government.”

The “Cut, Cap, and Balance” plan meets the criteria Speaker Boehner and Republicans laid out months ago for a debt limit proposal: it makes spending cuts that exceed the debt increase, requires reforms that restrain future spending, and prevents job-crushing tax hikes on families and job creators. You can read the bill – H.R. 2560 – by clicking here.