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Speaker Boehner spoke with Fox News’ Bret Baier tonight after a meeting at the White House to discuss President Obama’s request for an increase in the debt limit. Boehner said “it’s time for the president to put his plan on the table,” and noted that Republicans are serious about seizing this moment to make “the biggest spending cuts possible” and implement reforms – like a Balanced Budget Amendment – to address our long-term debt crisis without raising taxes on job creators. Several key excerpts and video from the interview are below:

Boehner: It’s Time for the President to Put His Plan on the Table:

“I think the big issue for today was – Mr. Cantor and I, the Majority Leader in the House – really pressed the president for, you know, where’s his plan? We’ve talked about a lot of possibilities. He and I had conversations for a couple weeks. But we’ve never really seen the whole plan and what they’re really willing to do. … They had some ideas but they never would quite put them on paper. They talk about making substantive reforms in the entitlement programs but never could quite get there. That and the fact is they were continuing to insist on us raising taxes. I think it’s time for the president to put his plan on the table. Let’s let the American people see just what the president is proposing.”

Boehner: Balanced Budget Amendment Needed to Restrain Future Spending:

“One option that our members are talking about, and that is – and I brought it up with the president today – and that is linking the increase in the debt ceiling to real enforcement mechanisms, real budget mechanisms, one of them being a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. Now most Americans believe that Washington’s budget ought to be balanced every year. There’s been a big effort to get a Balanced Budget Amendment passed.”

Boehner: This Is the Moment to Tackle Our Debt Crisis, But Democrats Aren’t Serious & Continue to Push for Tax Hikes:

“We have made promises to ourselves that our kids and grandkids can’t afford. I’ve said all year: I think this is the moment and this is the opportunity for us as Americans to tackle our long-term fiscal issues. … [But Democrats] were never serious about taking the kind of structural reforms to our entitlement programs that would preserve them for the long term and they continued to insist on raising taxes. … I don’t think that we can miss this opportunity. … This is the time to do this. Making the tough decisions today, not kicking the can down the road, is the right thing to do for the country.”

Boehner: GOP Leaders in House and Senate Want “Biggest Spending Cuts Possible” and No Tax Hikes:

“We all hope and believe that we’ve got to deal with this as responsible Americans. Listen, we’ve got a problem: a current spending problem and a debt problem. And I believe that – and I think Mr. Cantor, my Majority Leader – I do believe that Mitch McConnell and John Kyl all share the same view that we need the biggest spending cuts possible and making sure that there are no tax increases on the table.”