CNN: “Seven in 10 Support Increased Offshore Drilling for Oil and Natural Gas” |

Increasing American energy production will help create new jobs and address rising gas prices – and Americans know it. With the House prepared to vote on legislation to boost offshore energy production, a recent CNN survey shows “[s]even in 10 support increased offshore drilling for oil and natural gas.”

When CNN asked Americans how they feel “about increased drilling for oil and natural gas offshore in U.S. waters,” here’s how they responded:

Several other recent surveys have reached a similar conclusion: Americans want more American energy.

The legislation up for a vote this week is part of the American Energy Initiative, an ongoing effort to bring much-needed relief to families and small businesses by creating jobs and stopping policies that are driving up the cost of gasoline. Click here or here for a quick explanation of the bills. And remember, the House approved the Energy Tax Prevention Act last month, Pledge to America legislation that would block the EPA from imposing a back-door “cap and trade” national energy tax.

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