Democrats are on the attack to deflect attention from their “do nothing” plan which will bankrupt Medicare and guarantee future benefit cuts for seniors. Their strategy: to “Mediscare” the heck out of people by making wild accusations about the Republican plan that saves Medicare and pays down our debt over time.

But their strategy isn’t working. Not only is the Republican plan to save Medicare preferred by seniors, the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin notes that a “number of separate, neutral fact-checking groups have lambasted the Dems for misleading the public” with their attacks.

The Associated Press was the latest to call out Democrats for “distorting” the GOP plan and “attacking provisions that do not exist”:

  • “Democrats are distorting the fundamentals of a Republican plan to reshape Medicare, falsely accusing the GOP of pushing a proposal that tells the elderly ‘you're on your own’ with health care and that lets insurers deny coverage to the sick. ... Wasserman Schultz and some other Democrats who accuse the GOP of wanting to ‘end Medicare’ have skipped past the complicated crux of that debate, instead attacking provisions that do not exist.” (FACT CHECK: Democrats distort GOP Medicare plan, AP, 6/2/11)

Click here to learn more, and click here to see a comparison between the Republican plan to save Medicare and the Democratic plan to bankrupt the program.