Democrats Threaten Government Shutdown, Ignore Americans Who Prefer Spending Cuts |

Associated Press reports that House Speaker John Boehner “will not agree to a short-term government spending bill without budget cuts.” Senate Democrats, however, are threatening to shut down the government in order to keep the job-crushing “stimulus” spending binge going. The president even asked Congress to raise the debt limit while promoting an FY12 budget written in red ink.

But when it comes to creating a better environment for private sector job growth, recent surveys show the American people prefer the Republican approach of liberating our economy from the shackles of debt and big government when compared with the Democrats’ “spend, tax, and borrow” agenda.

According to Bloomberg News, “50 percent of voters cited cutting federal spending as the top priority for improving the economy”:

“The Democrats learned that while the public’s top concern is improving the economy, more voters view cutting spending rather than investing as the best way to do so. And right now, they trust Republicans more to do the trimming. ...

“[T]he survey showed that 50 percent of voters cited cutting federal spending as the top priority for improving the economy, while 40 percent named job creation. ...

“Respondents gave Republicans an edge over Obama in dealing with the budget -- with 43 percent saying they trusted Republicans more on the issue, compared with 38 percent for the president -- while Democrats in Congress were trusted by 31 percent. The advantage for Republicans was even more pronounced among independents, 40 percent of whom saw them as more likely to act on the deficit, versus 18 percent for Democrats.”

And according to Resurgent Republic’s Luke Frans, 61 percent of voters say cutting spending is a better way “to help the economy recover”:

“The economy and job creation remain the top issues among the electorate today, but that doesn’t mean voters respond to all solutions equally. Proposals rooted in more government spending in order to achieve lasting economic growth will be met with stiff resistance from voters. In Resurgent Republic’s most recent survey, 61 percent of voters — including 69 percent of Independents — say it is a higher priority for the federal government to spend less to reduce the deficit rather than spending more to help the economy recover.”

The Democrats who run Washington aren’t listening to the American people. As Speaker Boehner told Sean Hannity last night, “The only people cheering for a government shutdown around here are Democrats, led by Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer.  … Our goal here is to reduce spending.  It isn't to shut down the government.”

Republicans are listening and focusing on creating a better environment for job growth. That means liberating our economy from the shackles of debt by enacting real spending cuts economists say are needed to “support the creation of private sector jobs” – such as this week’s historic $100 billion cut in discretionary spending. It means reining in the excessive regulations that are creating uncertainty for small businesses. And it means removing barriers to private sector job growth – like ObamaCare with its maze of taxes, mandates, and penalties – that make it harder for employers to hire new workers. Click here to watch Boehner talk more about these efforts at a press conference earlier today.