Dems Toast ObamaCare’s Broken Promises, While Americans Live Them: Fewer Jobs, Higher Costs, and Reduced Coverage |

House Democrats this morning will come together to toast the one-year anniversary of their job-crushing health care law, and all its fewer jobs, higher costs, and reduced coverage.  According to tradition, the first anniversary is considered the ‘paper anniversary.’  With that in mind, here are some items we’re happy to offer up for this morning’s celebration:

  • A letter signed by 200 economists and experts stating that ObamaCare’s maze of mandates, tax hikes, and penalties “create major barriers to stronger job growth.”  The letter also highlights the devastating impact ObamaCare will have on the nation’s already-precarious fiscal health, adding more than $500 billion to the deficit during the first ten years, and nearly $1.5 trillion in the following decade.

  • A transcript of testimony from Congressional Budget Office director Douglas Elmendorf, who verified that the health care law will reduce the number of full-time jobs by 800,000.  (There’s video too.)

  • This Associated Press article summing up the recent testimony of Richard Foster, Medicare’s independent economic expert, who told Congress that “two central promises” of ObamaCare – lower costs and letting people keep their current coverage – “are unlikely to be fulfilled.”  We’d staple to that an independent report showing that as many as 35 million Americans could lose their employer-based health insurance on account of the burdens ObamaCare places on businesses large and small alike.

  • The results of a new national survey showing that support for repeal of the job-crushing law “has reached its highest level since May of last year.”  It was the president’s pollster who said last March that ObamaCare would “win over public support” after becoming law.

  • The full list of the more than 1,000 waivers the Obama Administration has granted to employers and unions seeking protection from the health care law’s job-crushing requirements.  The waivers have been called a “liability for the White House” and yet another “rallying cry” for repeal.

  • A joint congressional report released by House Energy & Commerce Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) and Senate Finance Ranking Member Orrin Hatch (R-UT) that details how the massive Medicaid expansion in ObamaCare will cost $118 billion, roughly double what Congress’ independent budget score keeper, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), originally estimated.

  • This colorful chart put together by Joint Economic Committee Republicans detailing ObamaCare’s bewildering arrangement of new government agencies, regulations and mandates. 

For good measure, we offer a printable copy of the Pledge to America, which lays out Republicans’ commitment to repealing ObamaCare and replacing it with common-sense reforms that lower costs and protect American jobs.  Since January, the new House majority has voted to fully repeal the $2.6 trillion health care law; to defund the law as part of H.R. 1; and to repeal the job-destroying 1099 small business mandate.  This week, Speaker Boehner announced the House will soon vote to eliminate mandatory spending slush funds in ObamaCare.  Hearings to uncover the full truth about ObamaCare continue as well. 

*In case you’re wondering, the second anniversary is the cotton anniversary.  Of course, if the Democrats who run Washington will finally listen to the American people, the job-crushing health care law won’t make it that far.