Editorial Deluge: Forget SPR, Job-Creating Energy Is What America Needs | Speaker.gov

Economists say high gas prices pose a threat to jobs and our economy, but out-of-touch Washington Democrats are quite comfortable with the pain at the pump.  David Axelrod, who’s been described as the president’s “alter ego,” said late last week that “the era of cheap gasoline is over.”  Given the way the Obama Administration has consistently blocked domestic energy production that would help lower costs, Mr. Axelrod certainly has a case.  The president’s SPR gambit certainly didn’t help matters.  “Oil prices rising a week after SPR release” was CNN’s headline Thursday.  By Saturday, Barron’s declared, “Get Ready for $150 Oil.”

Having none of it, editorial boards are seizing on the SPR ploy by calling for an emphasis on new energy production and jobs-focused leadership similar to Republicans’ American Energy Initiative

There is a better way to address our energy challenges – current and future.  Listening to the American people, Republicans’ American Energy Initiative is focused on stopping policies that drive up gas prices and expanding energy production to help lower prices and create jobs.  This project is part of the GOP blueprint for job creationWe can certainly do better than offering up the United States as a “major customer” for Brazilian oil or hoping for higher gas prices in the middle of a weak economy.