With Gas Prices “Still Slamming Small Business,” GOP Continues Focus on Addressing High Gas Prices & Creating Jobs | Speaker.gov

Small businesses account for two-thirds of the new jobs created in America, but persistently high gas prices are forcing them to put hiring on hold as they struggle to stay afloat.  According to a new survey released today, nearly half of small business owners have already seen their profits narrow as energy costs climbed, and the vast majority (82 percent) say higher prices will have an impact on their businesses, echoing the findings of another recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey.  Here are just a few examples of what small business owners are facing as a result of President Obama’s failed energy policies, in their own words:

  • “How Gas Prices Are Still Slamming Small Business” “[Susan] Zappa is one of millions of transportation-reliant small business owners grappling with higher-than-expected gas prices overall, a situation that can lead to a financial bind all the way down the supply chain. … As a result of the pressure, small firms are holding off on hiring decisions, and in some cases are preparing to hike their prices … ‘I always knew fuel was an important part of my business – but gas this expensive, with little or no relief in sight, was kind of blindsiding for me,’” said Zappa. (The Fiscal Times, 4/23/12)
  • “High Gas Prices Hurting Small Business Owners.” “High gas prices are hurting a lot of people across the country, but for small businesses, the price of diesel cuts especially deep. … Derrick Pugh owns a fleet of dump trucks and right now, gas prices are getting so high he's barely able to make a living. … ‘A lot of trucking companies have shut their doors,’ Pugh said. … Derrick Pugh is doing everything he can to keep his business afloat, but with gas prices to reach $5 per gallon by this summer, he says that might be hard.” (CBS Atlanta, 4/11/12)
  • “Small Business Owners Take Steps to Deal with Rising Gas Prices.” “The rising gas prices are hurting small businesses whose owners are having to take extra steps to curb costs. ‘It's one of our number one costs behind salary,’ said John Liezert, who owns a business that delivers office supplies to customers across the Kansas City area.” (KCTV5 News, 4/17/12)

President Obama made things worse for small business owners grappling with high gas prices by blocking more American energy production at every turn, rejecting and personally lobbying against the Keystone pipeline, demanding tax hikes that will increase costs and recycling old gimmicks that will do nothing to relieve the pain at the pump.   

House Republicans have a different approach, the American Energy Initiative, designed to harness America’s energy resources to address gas prices, and fuel economic growth and the new American jobs that come with it.  That effort will continue this week with:

  • A House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Energy And Mineral Resources hearing Thursday on new legislation that would roll back excessive government red tape hampering the development of onshore renewable, oil and natural gas resources.

The Republican-led House has already passed nearly 30 bills to help address gas prices and create jobs that are languishing in the Democratic-controlled Senate.  Instead of allowing these bills to collect dust, President Obama owes it to the American people to make good on his stated support for Republicans’ “all-of-the-above” energy policy by calling on Senate Democrats to take action and help get these critical jobs and energy bills enacted. 

Follow this week’s American Energy Initiative action by “liking” it on Facebook: Facebook.com/americanenergy, and see what else Republicans have done to help small businesses put Americans back to work with the Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators at jobs.gop.gov.