Job Creators Back Bipartisan Trade Pacts Opening New Markets for American Goods |

Today, the House will vote on three job-creating trade pacts with Colombia, Panama and South Korea, a key component of the Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators, which will create an estimated 250,000 American jobs and increase exports of American-made goods by an estimated $13 billion. The pending trade agreements have been backed by more than 125 business organizations and job creators; here is what some are saying about the importance of enacting these long-overdue trade agreements:

  • Mary Nelson, Vice President of Kemin Industries Inc.: Trade Agreements Are “One of the Quickest Engines to Job Growth.” “As Congress begins the arduous task of helping the U.S. climb out of a stagnant economy, one of the quickest engines to job growth would be the immediate passage of free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama. … These trade agreements will bring new life in the form of economic development and job creation that is desperately needed at this time.” (Des Moines Register, 10/4/11)
  • Washington State Cattle Rancher Dick Coon: “We Just Want a Level Playing Field.” “Dick Coon wants to expand his Eastern Washington cattle ranch in hopes that one day his son will come back to run the family operation. If a trade agreement with South Korea passes, he will do that. … ‘We just want a level playing field,’ he said. ‘We just don’t want to be competing against a regulation,’ referring to the 40 percent tariff levied on U.S. beef by South Korea. More than just his family would benefit, Coon said: ‘It’s the people I buy parts and fuel from and the people who process my beef. It goes up and down the line.’” (The Spokesman-Review, 10/10/11)
  • Businesses Large and Small “Poised to Take Advantage” of “Increased Sales If Free-Trade Agreements…Win Congressional Approval.” “Dan Richey, an Indian River citrus packer and distributor, is hoping for more grapefruit on Korean tables, and Doral appliance dealer Hector Marulanda would be happy to see his sales of refrigerators and stoves pick up in Colombia. … Florida businesses — both large and small — are poised to take advantage of the potential for increased sales if free-trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama win congressional approval.” (The Miami Herald, 10/10/11)
  • Michael Holston, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of HP: Saying ‘No Thanks’ to Free Trade Is Akin to … Saying ‘No Thanks’ to More Jobs.” “Of the 300 free trade agreements in effect around the globe today, the United States is party to only 17. Saying ‘no thanks’ to free trade is akin to businesses saying ‘no thanks’ to potential customers, and the U.S. saying ‘no thanks’ to more jobs. … Standing on the sidelines of global trade is no longer a viable option. If the United States doesn’t take advantage of the opportunities available in growing markets, others will -- and have.” (San Jose Mercury News, 10/8/11)

Just weeks after this Congress began in January, House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R- MI) urged the White House to submit the trade agreements – which were signed in 2007 – to Congress without further delay. With the unemployment rate still well over eight percent, the new House majority has, as promised, moved swiftly on these agreements to help create badly-needed jobs. Passing the three pending trade agreements is part of the Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators – a framework for increasing the competitiveness of American manufacturers and producers, and eliminating government obstacles to job growth. Learn more about these trade pacts and what they will mean for U.S. job creation here, read more about the GOP plan for jobs at, and follow @WaysandMeansGOP on Twitter for additional updates and information.