Job Creators Speak Out for Repeal: ObamaCare Threatens Jobs & Economic Growth |

The many Americans who actually do the hard work of creating new jobs around the country have a message for Washington: repeal the job-destroying health care law – now.

In recent letters to Congress, several associations representing millions of American employers and workers have spoken out, and spoken loudly, about the need to scrap ObamaCare and start over with common-sense reforms – as outlined in the Pledge to America. Here’s a look:

  • National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the nation’s largest small business association: “NFIB recently balloted its members, and 93% agreed that Congress should repeal the new law. ... Our small business owners remain deeply concerned that the healthcare law costs too much and further jeopardizes the economic recovery of our nation’s job creators. If new taxes, new mandates and new government programs in PPACA remain intact the law will stifle the ability to hire, grow and invest – key components that are necessary to move America’s economy forward in a robust and meaningful way.” [READ MORE]
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which represents the interests of more than three million American businesses: “The law does little to achieve one of the primary goals of health care reform: to ‘bend the health care cost curve downwards.’ It imposes mandates and penalties on businesses that discourage job growth, increases taxes and burdens on small businesses, creates dangerous new entitlements while cutting Medicare, and creates new plan requirements that will increase costs.” [READ MORE]
  • Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC), which represents more than 23,000 firms with more than two million employees: “ABC members are experiencing the worst construction economy in decades, with the current unemployment rate for construction at 20.7%. It is unfathomable that our elected leaders imposed new costly mandates and taxes on employers at a time of record high unemployment. Such actions demonstrate a fundamental failure of the federal government to understand the needs of small businesses. As a result, numerous provisions in the new health care law will have a direct negative impact on our members, which includes stifling their ability to plan for the future, hire additional employees or invest in equipment or facilities.” [READ MORE]
  • National Council of Chain Restaurants (NCCR), the leading association representing chain restaurant companies: “Unfortunately, last year’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will result in dramatically increased costs to employers in the chain restaurant industry. ... The chain restaurant industry has extraordinarily thin profit margins compared to most other industries, and the burdens imposed by PPACA will result in large-scale shifts in our workforce and the elimination of thousands of jobs.” [READ MORE]

These follow a similar letter from 200 economists who call ObamaCare “a barrier to job growth” and urge its repeal, and a letter from state legislators outlining “the tremendous financial burden” the health care law imposes on states.