Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act Includes Bipartisan Jobs Initiatives Backed by POTUS | Speaker.gov

The Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act (read the bill | summary) up for a vote this week extends the payroll tax break for working families and extends and reforms federal unemployment insurance (UI) benefits – as requested by the president. It also includes job creation initiatives supported by President Obama in his economic plan, such as:

  • ENCOURAGING JOB CREATORS TO INVEST & GROW: The bill extends 100 percent business expensing through 2012 to make it easier for employers, small and large, to invest now in new machinery and equipment, grow their businesses, and create new jobs. [see the president’s plan]

Other job creation provisions included in the bill would speed up approval of the Keystone XL energy project – which has broad bipartisan support – and stop excessive federal regulations that threaten job growth. Speaker Boehner said, “It is my hope that the president will accept this measure so that Americans can see that we are still capable of working together to the meet the challenges we face.”

This isn’t the first time Republicans have sought common ground with the president on removing barriers to job growth. For example, earlier this year the House passed – and President Obama signed into law – measures modernizing America’s patent system and removing obstacles that prevent veterans from finding work, both of which are included in the president’s jobs plan.

The House has also passed more than two dozen jobs bills – most with bipartisan support – that are still awaiting a vote in the Democratic-controlled Senate. You can see the full list on jobs.GOP.gov.

The Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act is a bipartisan effort to help create jobs and provide relief for families struggling with the consequences of President Obama’s failed ‘stimulus’ policies. Learn more about the bill at Speaker.gov/Jobs.