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The House has passed several American Energy Initiative bills to create jobs by expanding energy production and reversing the Obama Administration’s de facto moratorium. But while Senate Democrats delay action on these bills, witnesses at today’s House Natural Resources Committee hearing said a new series of sweeping regulations is threatening job growth and creating more uncertainty for American energy producers. According to testimony, the president’s “National Ocean Policy” (NOP) – which has not been authorized by Congress – will:

  • Create New Levels of Bureaucracy that “Stifle Job Growth”.  Jim Donofrio, Executive Director of Recreational Fishing Alliance testifies,The recreational fishing industry is ‘Main Street America’ in every sense; it is largely composed of small, family-run, mom and pop businesses.” He went on to say that “creating additional levels of bureaucracy” will reduce the overall productivity of his industry, and that a time of high unemployment “it seems counterproductive to advance and fund the NOP when it will stifle job growth in the fishing sectors.”
  • Create “Too Much Uncertainty” for American Energy Producers.  “With the right policies in place, the offshore energy industry can be a major contributor to new job growth and new federal revenues that will help alleviate the substantial debt the nation faces,” says Randall Luthi, President of the National Ocean Industries Association.  He adds, “now is the wrong time to experiment with a new and unjustified layer of bureaucracy that even the administration itself concedes is likely to lead to new uncertainties.” The administration’s new regulatory scheme “goes too far, too soon, and adds too much uncertainty.”

With the unemployment rate well above eight percent, the American people want both parties to work together to remove obstacles to economic growth – not create new ones. The Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators focuses on eliminating burdensome and unnecessary government regulations that are stifling job creation and hurting job creators.  Learn more about these bills and the GOP jobs plan at