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Somebody get Senate Democratic leadership on the phone (you know, that great device introduced to the White House by President Rutherford B. Hayes) – by their nonsensical standard, President Obama’s budget outline is “violating the budget agreement” signed into law last year. From Politico:

“Indeed, in the case of discretionary appropriations, CBO scores the president as coming in about $4 billion under the $1.047 trillion target set by the Budget Control Act last summer.”

You see, the Budget Control Act cut spending and imposed strict caps on future discretionary spending. Senate Democrats have absurdly claimed Republicans would somehow be violating the Budget Control Act and provoking a government shutdown by proposing a budget that spends less than the caps allow.

But as Politico reported, President Obama’s budget - for all its flaws and all of the damage it would do to our economy - rightly recognizes that a cap is a limit, not a required level of spending. Do Senate Democrats think the president’s budget violates the law too?

Maybe if Senate Democrats had passed a budget at any point in the last three years, they might have a better understanding of the meaning of a budget cap.

For a complete definition of the word “cap,” please join Senate Democrats in going here. And be sure to click here for a preview from Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) of the budget to be released next week, and visit for more information on the Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators.