The President’s Midwest Tour: Jobs or Politics? You Be The Judge |

The White House insists the president’s three-day Midwest tour is all about creating jobs – “not saving his own” – but front pages across the Midwest and the rest of the country tell a different story:


Perhaps this disconnect has something to do with the fact that the president hasn’t put forward any new ideas for creating jobs despite promising to do so “week by week.”  Instead, the president has “expanded his attacks on Republicans” who “refuse to raise taxes” – even though he admitted not too long ago that tax hikes mean “smaller paychecks” and “fewer jobs.”

With millions of Americans still asking ‘where are the jobs?,’ Republicans are listening to the American people and working to implement a Plan for America’s Job Creators designed to get government out of the way so we can get people working again.   Today, for instance, two House committees – Education & the Workforce and Financial Services – are holding field hearings to examine Washington’s impact on job creation and economic growth and explore positive solutionsVisit to learn more and track progress on Republican jobs bills.