President Obama’s Failure to Address Debt Crisis Would Guarantee Benefit Cuts for Seniors |

President Obama's congressional campaign arm is out today accusing Republicans of proposing  “radical benefit cuts” to programs like Social Security when - in fact - it is the president's own budget that by doing nothing would lead to “radical benefit cuts” for seniors and future retirees, while piling more debt onto the backs of our kids and grandkids.

Is this President Obama's idea of an “adult conversation?” Consider:

President Obama's budget proposal fails to address our job-crushing debt-crisis and ignores the need to protect entitlement programs for future generations...

But doing nothing to protect and preserve America's biggest entitlement programs will itself lead to automatic benefit cuts for seniors and future retirees...

  • “...if we dither long enough, ultimately we will indeed face the threat of benefits being 'slashed' by a full 22%, according to last year's Social Security Trustees' report. It's not a reformed Social Security system that threatens to cut benefits, but the status quo—and our elected leaders would do well to acknowledge this reality.” (Nobody Is Proposing to 'Slash' Social Security Benefits, Wall Street Journal, 2/3/11)
  • “...keep in mind, if nothing is done, when those trust funds are exhausted, benefits would have to be cut by 22 percent in 2037, and more each year after that, according to the most recent report of the system’s trustees. By 2084, the system will generate only enough revenue to pay for 75 percent of promised benefit levels.” (Democrats Deny Social Security’s Red Ink,, 2/25/11)
  • “The drastic reductions in Medicare reimbursements under ObamaCare will create havoc and chaos in health care for seniors. ... [S]eniors are not going to get the health services, treatment and care they expect.” (How ObamaCare Guts Medicare, Wall Street Journal, 9/9/10)

At a time when Washington is already borrowing 42 cents for every dollar it spends, Politico reports that “[e]ighty-one percent of those surveyed for a Washington Post-ABC News poll... said they think that if no changes are made to Social Security, the program will be in trouble.” And they're right.

So while the president's political arm pitches misleading attacks and the White House pushes a status quo budget plan that would guarantee future benefit cuts, House Republicans have pledged to lead where the president has failed and introduce a budget that addresses our job-crushing debt crisis. Failing to address our debt crisis means more uncertainty for our small businesses who create jobs, and more uncertainty for every American who counts on programs like Medicare and Medicaid.  Without a real plan to protect these programs, they simply won’t be there for future generations.  And that’s unacceptable.