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Today, the House will vote on the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act (H.R. 1904), legislation introduced by Rep. Paul Gosar that will provide access to copper resources in Arizona and create thousands of new American jobs.  An editorial in yesterday’s Arizona Republic outlined the economic and environmental benefits of H.R. 1904, and urged support for the bill:

“Congress has a rare opportunity to create jobs, preserve a ribbon of river in the desert, raise tax revenue and boost production of a strategic mineral. Without spending a dime.

“All it takes is a ‘yes’ vote on a land exchange that would allow the Resolution Copper project to go forward. …

“Here’s what a ‘yes’ vote brings:

  • Jobs: 3,000 during construction and 1,400 when the mine is at full production.
  • Taxes: $19 billion in federal, state and local revenues.
  • Conservation: Nearly 7 miles of the lower San Pedro River, named one of the ‘Last Great Places on Earth’ by the Nature Conservancy, transferred from private into public ownership.
  • Ripple effect: An additional 2,300 jobs in the Superior area generated by mining needs and worker spending.”

In a weekly column highlighting the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act, Rep. Gosar explained how increasing access to copper is also vital to America’s energy independence:

“H.R. 1904 will significantly contribute to our mineral and energy independence.  Today we import 30 percent of our copper.  This project will produce up to 25% of the current U.S. demand.  The need for copper continues to increase.  One 3 megawatt wind turbine requires 4.7 tons of copper.  Renewable energy production depends heavily on copper to transmit power with maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Hybrid vehicles require double the amount of copper as gas-fueled automobiles. Copper ranks second- behind aluminum- in annual consumption for the defense industry.  The United States must use domestic resources to meet this growing demand.”

The new House majority has passed several American Energy Initiative bills to unlock America’s resources to help create jobs and promote our energy independence, all of which remain stalled in the Democrat-led Senate.  The House will move that effort another step forward with passage of H.R. 1904 today, and we hope Senate Democrats will allow the bill to come to a vote, along with more than a dozen other jobs bills that Senate Democrats have blocked.  Learn more and track the progress of H.R. 1904 at