Republicans Set House Vote to Protect America’s Sportsmen |
Americans love hunting and fishing.  They love the outdoors.  They love the simple traditions that mothers and fathers are able to instill in their children—sportsmanship and respect for nature. Tomorrow the House will consider legislation to defend the rights of sportsmen and ensure America’s heritage of hunting and fishing continues well into the future.

The Sportsmen's Heritage Act protects the right of sportsmen to fish and hunt on federal land without burdensome bureaucratic interference.  The bill removes government obstacles to these activities and guards against new regulations that would block or limit access in the future.  It stops the Obama administration from banning or regulating specific types of ammunition and fishing tackle.  The bill also reaffirms existing law and heads off determined bureaucratic efforts to deny hunters, sport shooters, and anglers from using traditional ammo.

Support for the Sportsmen Heritage Act is broad and bipartisan.  It enjoys widespread support from America’s leading hunting, shooting, fishing, and habitat conservation groups including the National Rifle Association, Ducks Unlimited, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Boone and Crocket Club, Pheasants Forever, the Delta Waterfowl Foundation, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and the National Wild Turkey Federation.  In a letter to Congressional leaders, these groups, as well as 30 others, praised the measure as “essential to recognizing the importance of and facilitating the expansion and enhancement of hunting and recreational fishing and shooting.”  

Click here for a more detailed legislative summary and here for a full list of groups supporting this bill from the Committee on Natural Resources.  These groups know that ensuring Americans have access to public land for hunting and fishing is critical for preserving the traditions that make America great.