Seven Questions About Jobs for President Obama |

Appearing with Sean Hannity on Fox News last night, Speaker Boehner talked about how the American people want President Obama to “focus on the economy and jobs.”  With that in mind,  here are seven questions for President Obama as he gets ready to hold a news conference this morning:

  • A JOBS PLAN. At a time when families and small businesses are looking at your failed ‘stimulus’ policies and still asking ‘where are the jobs,’ Republicans have put forward A Plan for America’s Job Creators, a specific blueprint for job creation and economic growth designed to get government out of the way.  Do you have a jobs plan, and if so, could you outline it for the American people?

  • TAX HIKES.  Republicans have said that a debt limit agreement that includes job-crushing tax hikes would hurt our economy and cannot pass the House.  Are you ready to acknowledge tax hikes are off the table, and if not, can you tell the American people how raising taxes will help our economy create jobs?

  • ENERGY.  Your recent decision to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve has been panned as a “knee-jerk reaction,” another “stimulus lever” that will have a “brief impact” at best.  Republicans’ American Energy Initiative is designed to stop government policies that drive up gas prices and expand energy production to help lower costs and create jobs.  Do you have a plan to develop more American energy resources, and if so, could you outline it for the American people?  Remember, you yourself recently said America's energy policies were “just a hodgepodge.”

  • NLRB/BOEING. You’ve said in recent weeks that the private sector needs to step up, but your National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is engaged in an all-out effort to block Boeing from building planes in South Carolina.  It’s a case that “could drag on for years” at a time when you yourself have talked about the importance of private sector job growth.  This issue has been called a “headache” for you.   Can you explain to the American people why your Administration is threatening thousands of good-paying private sector jobs in South Carolina? 

  •  ‘STIMULUS.’  When you were in North Carolina recently talking about jobs, you joked that “‘shovel-ready’ was not as ‘shovel-ready’ as we expected.’” You were talking about the ‘stimulus,’ of course.  This isn’t the first time you’ve said something to this effect.  You’ve told some journalists in the past that ‘shovel-ready’ jobs were essentially a myth.  Can you explain to the American people why the ‘shovel-ready’ jobs so much of their money was invested in turned out to be a bust, and do you believe the ‘stimulus’ was a mistake?

  • OWNING THE ECONOMY.  It’s now been nearly two years since you said you were accepting ownership of the economy.  “Give it to me” were your exact words.  The head of your party, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), recently confirmed that Democrats own the economy.  Looking at the latest economic data, the AP asked, “If you are an American consumer, why would you be confident?”  Given that you ‘own’ the economy, what are you going to do help create jobs?

  • BUDGET.  In March, the new House Republican majority passed a Path to Prosperity budget that pays down our debt over time and lays the foundation for lasting private-sector job growth.  Unfortunately, it’s now been more than 790 days since the Democratic-led Senate passed a budget.  One of your former advisors, Bill Burton, recently said we are “doing okay” without a budget.  With 9.1 percent unemployment and a debt that’s on track to exceed the size of our economy,  do you agree we are “doing okay” without a budget?  Will you urge Senate Democrats to pass a budget?  

All right, what are your questions for President Obama?  Chime in below in our comments section.