After a meeting at the White House today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said the budget outlined by Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) has “set the bar” in terms of addressing our spending-driven, job-crushing debt crisis.  Chairman Ryan’s Path to Prosperity budget will help spur job creation without raising taxes, stop spending money we don’t have, and lift the crushing burden of debt that threatens our children’s future.  Following is an excerpt of Speaker Boehner’s remarks:

“We had a very frank and serious discussion at the White House this morning about the debt crisis that faces our nation.  I think all of us understand that this debt that hangs over our head hurts our economy, and hurts our ability to create jobs in America.  In order to move forward, I think that Paul Ryan has set the bar in terms of the kind of targets that we need to meet and the kind of serious effort that is required given the debts we have.  And, let me say, I fully support Paul Ryan’s budget, including his efforts on Medicare.”