Twitter Town Hall: Republicans #AskObama to Outline Plan #4Jobs |

With the unemployment rate at 9.1 percent and the “stimulus” spending binge a failure, one big question will be looming over President Obama’s Twitter Town Hall this afternoon: where are the jobs?

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Politico Playbook reports that Republicans will be posing tough jobs-focused questions for President Obama all morning long on Twitter and highlighting the GOP Plan for America’s Job Creators (Jobs.GOP.Gov). House Republicans are taking the opportunity to #askobama about his Administration’s failure to craft a jobs plan that doesn’t involve more spending, taxing, and regulating.

“Will you outline a plan #4jobs - other than more spending - for the American people?” asked @SpeakerBoehner this morning. @NatResources asked, “Will you support GOP #Americanenergy bills to create 1.2mil jobs & cut imports by 1/3?” @GOPOversight asked, “how are your job-crushing #regulations helping #smallbiz owners like Neil? VIDEO:” Stay tuned for more.