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In the Weekly Republican Address, Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-IL) calls on President Obama to support the ‘forgotten 15’ jobs bills that passed the House with bipartisan support, but are stuck in the Democratic-controlled Senate.  Part of Republicans’ Plan for America’s Job Creators, the ‘forgotten 15’ represent opportunities to build on recent common ground between the two parties.  Check out the video of the address, and these excerpts from early coverage:

“GOP TALKS FORGOTTEN 15”The Republican strategy for job creation strengthens the economy through a specific type of American: the business owner, Illinois Rep. Bobby Schilling said Saturday in the party's weekly address.  ‘Our plan looks at the problem from the view of the small businesspeople, and works to clear out barriers to job creation by addressing excessive regulations, fixing our tax code and closing loopholes, and paying down our debt,’ Schilling said.  Schilling shed light on a set of jobs bills Republicans dubbed ‘the forgotten 15,’ since he says they ‘are stuck in the Democratic-led Senate’ even though they received bipartisan approval in the House.  ‘These bills are common-sense bills that address those excessive federal regulations that are hurting small business job creation,’ he said.” (“GOP talks forgotten 15,” CNN, 10/29/11)

“GOP CALLS ON DEMS NOT TO WAIT”  “Republicans used their weekly address Saturday to press Senate Democrats and President Obama to support a series of House-passed bills that GOP officials say would boost job growth by scaling back regulations.  Freshman Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-Ill.) said there has been some progress on bipartisan action to boost hiring, but not nearly enough. … ‘We owe it to the American people to find common ground.  We did it with the free trade agreements the president recently signed and we’re doing it with the repeal of the withholding tax and we can do more,’ said Schilling, who owns a pizza restaurant.  … Schilling, however, sought to cast Obama and Democrats as out of touch with the needs of small business owners as he touted the GOP agenda and the 15 bills in particular.  ‘They were written after listening to the farmers, manufacturers and small businesspeople from around the country,’ Schilling said.  ‘A number of them have bipartisan support. Yet the Senate won’t give these bills a vote, and the president hasn’t called for action,’ he said.” (“GOP calls on Dems not to wait, back House-passed 'jobs' bills,” The Hill, 10/29/11)

“REPUBLICANS HAVE A JOBS PLAN” “His opponents say the president is deliberately ignoring proposals to spur hiring that they have put before Congress in order to score political points as he eyes the 2012 election.  ‘Politics and pessimism won't get America back on track,’ said Representative Bobby Schilling of Illinois in the Republican weekly address.  Republicans have a jobs plan, one with some bipartisan support, but it's stuck in the Senate,’ he said.  That was a reference to 15 job measures passed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives that have not advanced in the Democratic-controlled Senate.”  (Reuters, 10/29/11)

“GOP DECRIES DEM SENATE FOR INACTION”  “The Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate is stonewalling 15 bills that would help the economy, a Republican congressman said in the party's weekly media address.  Rep. Bobby Schilling, R-Ill., said the ‘forgotten 15’ bills passed in the Republican-dominated House were being ignored in the Senate.  Schilling is a freshman congressman and former union steward who owns a pizza shop.  He said President Barack Obama's administration isn't addressing job creation from the bottom level.”  (“GOP decries Democrat Senate for inaction,” UPI, 10/29/11)

“TEMPORARY BAND-AIDS WON’T FIX AMERICA’S ECONOMY” “In the weekly Republican address, Illinois Congressman Bobby Schilling says that as a small business owner, he understands the urgency facing working-class Americans, and argues that the policies of the Obama administration have done little to spur growth where it’s most needed. … ‘That’s why,’ he says, ‘I’m proud to support Republicans’ Plan for America’s Job Creators.’ … Getting Americans back to work, he says, ‘isn’t a Democrat issue or a Republican issue – it’s a red, white, and blue issue,’ and lawmakers ‘owe it to the American people to find common ground.’ Schilling concludes, ‘Republicans have a jobs plan, one with some bipartisan support, but it’s stuck in the Senate.  We’re asking President Obama to work with us and call on the Senate to pass the ‘forgotten 15’ to help the private sector create jobs...’”  (“Illinois Rep. Schilling: ‘Band-Aids’ Won’t Fix America’s Economy,” ABC News Radio, 10/29/11)

“In the Republican Saturday radio address, Rep. Bobby Schilling, R-Ill., said Obama and the Democratic-run Senate are the ones refusing to cooperate on a Republican jobs plan that emphasizes fewer regulations on businesses.  The House has passed 15 separate bills that would help create jobs, Schilling said, but they are all ‘stuck in the Senate.’  ‘We're asking President Obama to work with us and call on the Senate to pass the 'forgotten 15' to help the private sector create jobs,’ Schilling said.” (USA TODAY, 10/29/11)

Rep. Bobby Schilling of Illinois said the president should call on the Democrat-controlled Senate to pass the 15 jobs bills approved by the Republican-controlled House… Schilling said some of them are backed by Democrats and they deserve a Senate vote.  Schilling, who owns Saint Giuseppe’s Heavenly Pizza in Moline, Illinois, said that as a small business owner he understands that ‘temporary band-aids won’t do the trick.’ … He said he was ‘disappointed’ to hear the president say at a campaign fundraiser this week that Americans have ‘lost ‘our ambition, our imagination.’  Schilling said that he ‘respectfully’ disagrees and that all Americans want is to get ‘government out of the way so our economy can get back to creating jobs.’”(Bloomberg, 10/29/11)

“In the Republican weekly response, Congressman Bobby Schilling of Illinois appealed to President Obama to urge Senate Democrats adopt a jobs proposal put forth by Republicans. … Schilling says the Republicans’ Plan for America's Job Creation’ generates jobs by cutting taxes.  He says it also changes the tax code, closes loopholes and helps pay down the country's debt.”  (Voice of America, 10/29/11)

“Schilling said the bills give the White House and Congress an opportunity to build on the common ground created by the passage of recent free-trade agreements, and a measure to void a law requiring federal, state and many local governments to withhold 3 percent of their payments to contractors until their taxes are paid. Obama included repealing that tax in his jobs plan.  ‘Republicans have a jobs plan, one with some bipartisan support, but it's stuck in the Senate,’ said Schilling, owner of a pizza parlor in Moline, Ill. ‘We're asking President Obama to work with us and call on the Senate to pass the 'forgotten 15' to help the private sector create jobs…’”(Associated Press, 10/29/11)

“Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-Ill.) blamed the Democrats in the Republican address, arguing they are the ones refusing to cooperate on the GOP plan of fewer regulations on businesses and no tax increases.  Temporary Band-Aids won t do the trick, said Schilling of the Democrats plan, adding Americans want the government out of the way so our economy can get back to creating jobs.  The GOP legislation passed in the Republican-controlled House and is waiting for action in Democratic-run Senate.” (New York Daily News, 10/29/11)

“In the Republican response, Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-Ill.), who owns Saint Giuseppe's Heavenly Pizza in Illinois, said the Obama administration did not understand the issues facing small businesses, and promoted the Republicans' Plan for America's Job Creators.  ‘When you're a small business owner, you're a troubleshooter -- you identify a problem and fix it, so it doesn't come back. Temporary band-aids won't do the trick,’ Schilling said.”   (Fox News, 10/29/11)