White House’s Gas Pains Aren’t Going Away | Speaker.gov

Last week, Talking Points Memo reported that “it remains to be seen whether” Republicans “can chip away at Obama’s approval ratings by tying him to rising gas prices.”  That’s no longer the case.  A new ABC News/Washington Post survey shows that the president’s approval ratings are falling and “gas prices are a main culprit.”  This comes in the midst of a coordinated Republican offensive to promote a real ‘all-of-the-above’ energy strategy and hold the president accountable for job-crushing policies that have contributed to higher gas prices. 

President Obama has spent the lion’s share of the last few weeks talking about the pain at the pump, making two main points: (1) that it’s not his fault, and (2) there’s not much he can do about itAccording to this survey, he’s failing on both counts: just 26 percent of Americans approve of how the president is handling the pain at the pump.  What’s more, a majority of Americans believes the Obama Administration can do something about high gas prices.  Maybe it’s partly because Americans have been hearing the same old excuses out of President Obama and his party for years – and they recognize that the longer politicians like the president continue to block responsible American energy production, the longer our nation will continue to suffer with high gas prices and limited energy security.   

As is typically the case when its policies are under fire – see: ObamaCare – the Obama White House is doubling down on its marketing efforts.  Today the president will try “selling his energy successes,” a head-scratcher of move that will certainly come as a surprise to families, nonprofit organizations, and small business owners struggling with the pain at the pump. 

The White House is also releasing a new ‘report’ that “doesn’t offer much new,” just again attempts to take credit for increased domestic energy production, a claim that has been thoroughly debunked by independent voices.  No amount of misleading talking points  can hide the president’s record of consistently blocking American energy production, including “personally lobbying” members of Congress just days ago to block a Keystone XL pipeline jobs amendment in the Senate.   

With the pain at the pump showing no sign of letup, Americans are looking for solutions – not excuses – and Republicans are delivering with a real ‘all-of-the’ above energy policy as part of a pro-growth jobs plan.  Learn more by visiting the American Energy Initiative on Facebook or going to jobs.GOP.gov.