White House Repeats Partisan Attacks, Does Nothing to Help Americans Who Are Asking “Where Are the Jobs?” | Speaker.gov
There they go again.  Rather than respond to the arguments in House Republican Leader John Boehner's op-ed in The Washington Post this morning, the White House Communications Director wrote a blog post repeating an ad hominem partisan attack without responding to the substance of the argument. Boehner actually addressed the White House attack in the op-ed, in which he described a meeting with President Obama earlier this week.  He wrote:
Unfortunately, instead of addressing our concerns, the president said that Republicans are primarily interested in unemployment because of the 2010 midterm elections, and that we seem to be almost rooting against recovery. I told the president very directly that everyone - Republicans and Democrats - wants to get people back to work.  The president also accused Republicans of "scaring" the American people, but the truth is that double-digit unemployment is scaring people and his job-killing agenda is making it worse.
Let's look at the record.  When Washington Democrats pushed their trillion-dollars "stimulus" bill through Congress, they promised it would keep the unemployment rate below eight percent and create jobs "immediately."  Instead, three million more Americans have lost their jobs, and the unemployment rate is 10 percent.  By the metrics the White House itself set, its policies simply aren't working.

WSJ 12-11-09

Why?  The fact is that the agenda being pushed by the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress - with a government takeover of health care, "cap and trade" national energy tax, "card check," and a slew of other tax increases on the horizon - is contributing to a hiring freeze.  Employers, particularly small businesses, are sitting on their hands, waiting for some signal from Washington that the federal government will just stop.  Stop the borrowing, stop the spending, stop the bailouts, stop the new taxes and new regulations. On the eve of the President's trip to the climate change conference in Copenhagen, perhaps he will finally be able to face this "inconvenient truth" and work in a bipartisan way on policies that will actually help the American people.