Speaker Boehner on President Obama’s Comments Regarding His Request for a Debt Limit Increase | Speaker.gov
House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today issued the following statement after President Obama discussed his request for an increase in the national debt limit:

“The American people are worried about our economy, and our future.  More than two years after the start of Washington Democrats’ ‘stimulus’ spending spree, they’re still asking, ‘where are the jobs?’ 

“We’re not dealing just with talking points about corporate jets or other ‘loopholes.’  The legislation the President has asked for – which would increase taxes on small businesses and destroy more American jobs – cannot pass the House, as I have stated repeatedly.  The American people simply won’t stand for it.  And their elected representatives in Congress won’t vote for it. I’m happy to discuss these issues at the White House, but such discussions will be fruitless until the President recognizes economic and legislative reality.   

“Our focus should be on getting our economy back on track by making the spending reductions and structural reforms necessary to address our nation’s out-of-control debt.  We can do so without raising taxes on America’s small business job-creators.  I’m pleased the President stated today that we need to address the big, long-term challenges facing our country.  Our nation’s long-term future requires presidential leadership to address those challenges.”