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At a press conference with Republican leaders in Baltimore, MD today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said President Obama’s policies have made our economy worse, and discussed Republican efforts to stop administration policies that are “hurting the ability of small businesses to create jobs.” Video of his remarks is available here and the full text is below:

“President Obama’s policies have not helped our economy; as a matter of fact, his policies have made our economy worse. It’s pretty clear to the American people that these policies are not working. And when you look at this election that’s coming up, it’s pretty clear it’s going to be a referendum on the president’s policies regarding our economy.

“One of the issues that you’ll see us work on this year, and that is the issue of oversight. And I’ve asked every member in every committee to look at the president’s policies and to help the American people understand - and help frankly other Members of Congress understand the devastating impact of these policies on our economy. Maybe if we can convince some of our colleagues across the aisle, maybe we can even convince the President of the United States that these policies are not only not helping, but they’re hurting the ability of small businesses to create jobs in our country.

“Our focus over the course of this year will be on the economy and on jobs, and making sure that hardworking taxpayers have a real opportunity at a good job in our country.”

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