Speaker Boehner Says Real Spending Cuts Essential to Helping Economy Get Back to Creating Jobs

After a meeting at the White House today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) made the following remarks to reporters regarding ongoing efforts to prevent a government shutdown and make spending cuts needed to create a better environment for job growth:

“We continue to have productive conversations. You should all know they’re polite, they’re to the point. But there is no agreement on a number, there are no agreement on the policy issues that are contained with this. We’re continuing to work toward an agreement because I do believe all of us sincerely believe that we can get to an agreement. But we are not there yet.

“I did ask the president to sign the stopgap measure that we passed to fund our troops and to keep our government open. And I did express to the president my disappointment that he suggested he would veto that bill.

“Our goal is to reduce spending in order to lead to a better environment for job creation in America. And I do believe that it’s important that we take this moment and get the largest spending cuts possible that’ll help our economy and help job creators [get] back to creating jobs.”

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