Delivering the Weekly Republican Address, Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) highlights Republicans’ Plan for America’s Job Creators, which is designed to remove government barriers to private sector job growth – the kind of growth the ‘stimulus’ promised but failed to deliver.  Speaking from the House Small Business Committee hearing room, Rep. Ellmers – a small business owner herself – talks about how Republicans are committed to getting government out of the way so our economy can get back to creating jobs.  Rep. Ellmers is in her first term representing North Carolina’s Second Congressional District.  Following is the full text of the address.  Audio of the address is available here.  Video will be available here for viewing and here for downloading once the embargo is lifted tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. 

“Hello, I’m Congresswoman Renee Ellmers from the great state of North Carolina. 

“I’m speaking to you today from the House Small Business Committee, where just about every week we hear from America’s job creators.  These are leaders and entrepreneurs who take time out and come to Washington to explain how tough things are right now.  Their stories are different, but their message is the same: uncertainty, burdensome regulations, and the fear of higher taxes are making it harder to create jobs and stay afloat. 

“You know, if I weren’t in Congress, I’d be sitting right next to them.  My husband and I own a small medical practice in Dunn, a small town 40 miles south of Raleigh.  We’ve seen how government overreach can hurt a family-owned small business.  We’ve worked to overcome it by relying on the same values that helped get our practice off the ground: freedom, opportunity, and responsibility.

“The job creators we hear from… they don’t have their hand out.  They don’t want a bailout.  All they ask us to do is get government out of the way.

“Republicans have put forward a job creation plan that would do just that.  ‘A Plan for America’s Job Creators’ lives up to its name.

“Our approach starts with reducing the regulatory burden small businesses face and making Washington bureaucrats factor jobs into their decision-making process.

Instead of knee-jerk reactions to high gas prices, we propose expanding domestic energy production to help lower costs and create jobs.

“To make us more competitive, we want to open new markets to American-made goods.

“And we’re ready to build on the budget we’ve passed to pay down the debt and see that Washington lives within its means.   Because kicking the can down the road will only destroy more jobs by rattling confidence and causing more uncertainty over our fiscal condition.

“These are just some of the solutions included in our jobs creation plan.  You can check out all the details at

“We’ve already made some headway.  This week, the House approved a vital jobs bill on energy production. This legislation will make our domestic energy resources available while lowering gas prices and creating thousands of jobs. We hope the Senate will pass this important legislation and other jobs bills we’ve sent its way.

“Unfortunately, the Democrats who run Washington say we should stay the course, keep spending money we don’t have, and raise your taxes – all in the name of ‘stimulus.’  These Washington-knows-best policies haven’t worked.  They have only made matters worse.

“All told, there are now 2.3 million more people looking for work than there were in the month when President Obama took office.  Americans were promised the ‘stimulus’ would keep unemployment below eight percent, but it is now more than nine percent.

“You sent us here to focus on jobs, and we must show leadership worthy of your trust.  That’s why we’re inviting President Obama to work with us and help enact our jobs creation plan.  Washington is at its best when it’s listening to the American people.  And our people are at their best when they’re working, prospering, and laying the foundation for those greatest days that still lie ahead.  

“So I hope you’ll check out and let us know what you think.  For now, thanks for listening.”