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President Obama on Budgeting: Then vs. Now

February 04, 2015

This week, President Obama dropped a bomb of a budget proposal, one that calls for more taxes, more spending and more government bureaucracy. It never balances – ever – and would lead to an explosion of America’s national debt to record levels. Read More

SOTU FACT: President Obama’s Rosy Budget Talk is Completely Unwarranted

January 20, 2015

National debt = $18.1 trillion, an increase of $7.5 trillion under Pres Obama http://t.co/lGBhtgl1h4 pic.twitter.com/pe5nZfPHdt Read More

5 Points for Resetting America's Economic Foundation

September 15, 2014

Every day, as representative of Ohio’s Eighth District and as Speaker of the House, my focus is on building a stronger economy and preparing our kids and grandkids for the challenges and opportunities of the future. All we need is the right plan, and our people can do the rest.  So I have laid out what, in my view, are the five key things we must do as a nation: Read More

CBO Gives Debt-Denying Democrats a Dose of Reality

August 28, 2014

The CBO warns that the national debt will continue to grow, “eventually increasing the risk of a fiscal crisis.” Read More

Getting Our Budget Back in Balance & Americans Back to Work

April 10, 2014

“Meanwhile, Democrats here in Washington continue to play their usual politics, using their old playbook of pitting one group of Americans against another. And frankly, it’s pretty obvious that their efforts have failed. They’ve fallen flat because the American people are still asking the question, ‘Where are the jobs?,’ and these political votes provide no answers." Read More

House Passes Three Pro-Growth Budget Reform Bills

April 08, 2014

"Taxpayer dollars should be spent wisely or not at all, and the budget reforms the House has passed would make Washington live by this principle." Read More

Boehner: Jobs News Would Be Better if President, Reid Would Act on House GOP Economic Growth Plan

March 07, 2014

Middle class families are doing everything they can to scrape by, and they deserve a better shot than they’re getting under this administration. Read More

President Obama’s Irresponsible Budget By the Numbers

March 04, 2014

Take a look at a joint analysis of the numbers behind the president’s budget, courtesy of Republicans on the House and Senate Budget Committees. Read More

Obama Budget: Spends, Borrows, Taxes Too Much

March 04, 2014

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement on President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2015 budget proposal. Read More

No Earmarks: A Majority Matters

January 15, 2014

When Republicans took control of the House in 2011, we promised to rein in out-of-control federal spending and change the way Congress spends taxpayer money. One important step in that process was banning earmarks. Read More